What are the consequences of fire pump under pressure and over pressure?

Aug 12, 2022

What are the consequences of the fire pump under undervoltage and overvoltage? The insulation of the fire pump motor is mainly realized by insulating materials, and the insulation size is limited by the geometric space. When the motor exceeds the dielectric strength and voltage value of the electrical appliance, it is easy to cause insulation breakdown. Appliances can heat up, get punctured, burn out, catch fire, and even cause accidents. When the fire pump voltage is too low, the output torque of the motor is reduced by a square factor. It may cause the motor to overheat and even get burned. Therefore, it is just necessary to install overvoltage and undervoltage protection for fire pumps.

How does the dominant controller protect the pump when the fire pump is under undervoltage and overvoltage protection?

In the dominant controller, when the actual operating voltage is lower or higher than the calibration voltage, the fire pump is in under and over voltage protection. In this case, the controller will try to restart the pump every 5 minutes (programmable time) until the line voltage returns to normal.